Conservation Foundation of America

Mission Statement

Conservation Foundation of America (CFA) was formed in order to preserve and protect our Natural Resources.

CFA accepts and protects conservation easements on properties that are used for stream, wetland and habitat mitigation that is required by Federal and State agencies to compensate for the loss of these resources due to development.

CFA works with private landowners, wetland and stream mitigation companies and Government Agencies in order to identify and protect these valuable habitats.

Key Staff

Charles Smith, President, since receiving his Masters Degree from The Ohio State University, Mr. Smith has served on the Board of various Not For Profit organizations such as the Ohio Quarter Horse Association and the Nation Cutting Horse Association. Mr. Smith understands the structure and legal responsibilities of operating a 501 (c)(3) organization. Mr. Smith’s primary function at CFA is planning the long-term strategic direction of the organization.

Travis Miller. Vice President, after graduating from Bowling Green State University with a degree in Construction Management, Mr. Miller began his employment with Wetland Resource Center, a wetland and stream mitigation company. Mr. Miller spent 7 years as a project manager on several stream and wetland mitigation projects. His experience includes the selection, construction, monitoring and long-term protection of projects. He has overseen the restoration of over 4000 acres of wetlands and 30,000 linear feet of stream. At CFA Mr. Miller oversees the day to day operations.

Conservation Foundation of America

Welcome to Conservation Foundation of America In 2007 CFA received its approval by the IRS as a Charitable Organization. As a 501(c)(3) Charitable Trust Registration Number 05-3830.

This IRS designation allows CFA to work with individuals, corporations and Government Agencies to identify, protect and defend properties that contain high quality natural resource habitats. The primary source of these properties are wetlands and streams that are used as mitigation to compensate for the loss of wetland and stream functions due to development somewhere else in the watershed.

CFA believes that the protection of these properties plays a critical role in protecting wildlife
and plant habitats for future generations.

CFA is a member of the national Land Trust Alliance and operates in accordance with the Alliances’ Land Trust Standards and Practices. Our primary focus is to work with lands that are used to satisfy mitigation requirements for Section 404/401 permitting.

Conservation Foundation of AmericaServices One

CFA can file, record and post signs on conservation easements. Filing consists of making sure all the proper paperwork is filed and recorded with the proper agencies to ensure the property is properly protected. We also post signs around the boundary of the site, providing a clear line showing where the easement begins.

Conservation Foundation of AmericaServices Two

CFA can also be the long-term stewards on conservation easements. This entails intermittent site checks to ensure there have been no disturbances to the easement area as well as remedies if any disturbances have occurred.